Die Laughing

Jeanne's 100th birthdayMy friend and distant relative Jeanne turned 100 years old at a fabulous birthday party in January, 2013. She was a musician, walker, wife x 3, great-grandmother x 6,and a vital soul.

Last week Jeanne’s daughter was visiting her in Reno, Nevada — her daughter was in the kitchen when she heard peals of laughter from Jeanne’s bedroom.

She went into Jeanne’s bedroom to find out what was so funny, and found that Jeanne had passed away at that moment of joy.

Jeanne died laughing.

This moment is deeply moving and beautiful and makes me so curious:

What made Jeanne laugh in that moment of moving from life to death?

I asked our two kids.

Nina suggested: maybe she saw an angel coming from heaven. And the angel made a funny face!

Pinta continued: maybe the angel was naked, and she was both a girl and a boy!

My husband wondered: maybe she was surprised to see who had made it into heaven.

I think, maybe she tasted anew the joyful moments of her life, all at once, and sensed all the joyful moments that her presence in the world seeded into others’ lives.

Like yours and mine.

3 thoughts on “Die Laughing

  1. I love this! What a lucky woman! I have always suspected/hoped that, in the end, death, which is spend most of our lives fearing, could perhaps possibly be something beautiful, pleasing and yes, maybe even funny. Maybe it tickles?

  2. Sarah, this is fantastic! And not just this entry, the whole idea. Where better to catch us all in the hurly burly of rushing down the rabbit hole of the internet than with an email offering a one minute meditation. I think you’re a genius.

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