What ‘Feels’ True Might Not Actually Be the Truth,

megabus trees“What ‘feels’ true might not actually be the truth, or good for us; it might merely be familiar. And, conversely, what feels ‘false’ might not be; it might just be new.” This relates to how we all get stuck in certain patterns of thinking, reacting, and doing.

From Philippa Perry’s wonderful “How to Stay Sane” — part of Alain de Botton’s whimsical and useful series The School of Life.

The idea that we need to look at the repetitions in the stories we tell ourselves about other people, for example, our parents, and then look for the patterns in these stories (as opposed to just the surface content) is compelling. Then, we can begin to experiment with changing the filter through which we look at the world, “edit” the story, and thus regain flexibility where we’ve been getting stuck.

Here’s a challenge: over the next few days, can I listen to my mother’s complaints about her “botched” shoulder surgery, which I managed start to finish to the best of my ability, without hearing it as a criticism of how much she loves me or how good a daughter I am?

We shall see.

The sheer beauty of being stuck in the Megabus on I-80 on my way home to see my folks in Pennsylvania.

30 seconds of meditative ‘seeing the forest for the trees.’

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