Sit Still in the Sunlight

May the Road Rise Up to Meet YouPerhaps this is a trivial observation: if you would like to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness practice, you must embody it. What does that mean?

Just this: you sit still and say to yourself: “I am going to meditate for 3 minutes.”

And then do that.

The reason why people meditate is that it makes everything in life better. It allows you to access, on a regular daily basis, the deep calm core of your mind/body. If you are feeling perfectly at ease and satisfied with all aspects of your life, you do not need to meditate! But if, like many of us, you would like to fully experience your own life and be more skillful in your relationships, meditation and mindfulness have much to offer.

For a few months I was feeling crazy, chaotic, distracted by an ever-changing welter of family, work, friend, financial, and community responsibilities.

I made time to read about meditation.
I made time to think about meditation.
I even made time to write about meditation.

But I wasn’t actually dedicating much time to sitting.

And you reap what you sow.

Every part of my life is feeling happier now that I’m sitting to meditate most days. There are often challenging times — and those I am better equipped to face.

The practice is always here for you — easy, effortless, natural.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking about it instead of being here now.

Meditation in its essence is about being — not doing or having. When you sit down for a few moments you come into your own. The term ‘mindfulness’ just refers to bringing a gentle awareness to other moments and activities in your life when you are not formally ‘sitting’ in meditation. You can wash the dishes mindfully, dance mindfully, talk with a challenging colleague mindfully.

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