In the Buff

Sometimes it feels like there’s a terrible secret beneath our clothes — they act as our armor, disguise, costume.

But in the most important ways our bodies are alike, young and old, black and white, male and female — our brains think and our hearts feel and our skins tell us when someone is touching us with anger or with love.

During the dog days of summer, it can be fun to explore nudity, even if it’s just you alone in your living room.  The air against your skin feels so different, so refreshing.

Sit for a moment, a minute or two, on a chair naked. Experience the glory of your body in all its minute processes and actual perfection.  If it’s really hot, make sure there’s a soft towel beneath you for comfort.

Or you could go skinny dipping – a word that refers to your bare skin, not to your body type.

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