Brandishing an Artichoke

artichokeThis is an indistinct parable about gender. Doris Lessing won the Nobel Prize and said, “I couldn’t care less.” What struck my gimlet eye in this New York Times video of her receiving the good news is the rumpled man in the background who hangs on to an artichoke (28 seconds). She wrote The Golden Notebook and died yesterday.

Here’s another video that where an incidental man holds an artichoke in the background. (at 49 seconds. Well-produced by Margaret Sclafani and Parent Earth, shot beautifully by Kay Hung, written and directed by me as an homage to Eisenstein’s shocking Battleship Potemkin — another brilliant artist, who, like Lessing, was undone by revelations of Stain’s atrocities).

How much are we willing to lie to ourselves to protect an idea we hold dear?

An artichoke is a big thistle.

One of the most common introductory meditations is eating a raisin. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

I think the most ideal food with which to practice mindful eating and moment by moment awareness of bodily sensations is the artichoke.

It’s easy to prepare, healthy, and delicious! This charming video from Laurie David and the Family Dinner notwithstanding, I like mine with a puddle of lemon juice and a swirl of melted butter.

The outer leaves are fun to pluck and eat and tasty to scrape with your clenched teeth.

Then, beware the spiky choke which you must remove carefully to reach the succulent secret center.

If you were here I would hug you.

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  1. I don’t know much about meditation and I don’t know much about eating artichokes, but I wonder if it’s worthwhile to include more fibrous foods in our diets not just for the health benefits, but in order to help facilitate mindful eating. Food that takes more work like bony fish, artichokes, raw kale, coarse breads and such slow me down, and I often become consumed by the food’s texture and taste. Somehow, they ground me in the present and keep me from idly thinking or focusing on tv as I normally do when I eat. I think I should eat these foods more often for both my physical and mental health!

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