Is it True? Is it Useful?

DaisiesThese are two questions you can ask yourself before saying something.

Is it true? And, is it useful?

This morning Thing One said “you didn’t get that American Girl car that you asked Santa for” and Thing Two looked sad.

Yes, it was true. But perhaps not useful.

This idea is part of the Buddhist concept of ‘right speech.’

Takes a long time to learn this one.

Good luck!

One thought on “Is it True? Is it Useful?

  1. As someone who often has difficulty consoling others or even giving compliments, this is pretty useful. Whatever I say, as long as it’s useful and truthful it will be genuine and serve as a positive moment in that person’s life. At the same time, I can help avoid unnecessarily hurting others and I’m sure it would make escalating in an argument very difficult. Basically, these two questions are amazing.

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