The Fragrance that the Violet Sheds

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.
– Mark Twain, courtesy of Tracey.

Forgiveness can be a challenge.

So easy to say “I’m sorry,” so simple to offer a conciliatory smile to someone who has hurt you, yet sometimes our hearts harden like rocks.

Being the victim can be very powerful because you don’t have to take responsibility, you can feel,’I was wronged.’ Often we hold onto hurt feelings that are the result of misperceptions (about other people’s motivations and behavior).

Did someone hurt you? I am sorry.

Sometimes it suits us to feel wounded or to hold a grudge — and can end up reassuring us that we matter. Sometimes we become defined by our suffering. Sometimes we want vengeance, and want to justify our hurtful and mean behavior.

Even if you don’t know the contours of someone else’s suffering, you can, with a non-judgmental and caring look into their eyes, offer recognition of your shared humanity and a precious moment of connection.

Now watch this 1 minute video meditation (starting with 3 bells, ending with 1 bell) and let the gusts of snow blow your heart open.

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