Beginner’s Mind

Mike and CaseyWelcome! Yesterday, 2 friends asked for tips on how to start meditating.

Meditation is a simple and easy practice.

The purpose of meditation is to cultivate a calm and happy mind.

Here’s how to get started:

-sit comfortably in a chair

-feet resting on the floor

-hands gently on your thighs

-close your eyes

-with your next exhalation, release any lingering tension

-begin with 2 minutes today (or whatever length of time feels inviting)

-you can use your own timer or this will chime 3 times to begin, 1 time to end

You will probably find that thoughts arise. That is totally normal. Notice the thought and let it go, notice another, let it go. Gently bring your attention back to the easy movement of your breath – into your nostrils, out of your nostrils; your chest rises, your chest falls; inhale, exhale. Effortless.

There is no ‘wrong’ way to meditate. If you find yourself judging your meditation, just bring awareness to that and let it go. In mindfulness practice, we journey inward to release tension and access our natural state of bliss.

When you come out of meditation, give yourself a few breaths, 3 or 4, to transition back to life in the external world.

This post is dedicated to my old friend Amy and my new friend Raj. Thanks to Mike and his son Casey for demonstrating how to sit.

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