I’ve known Tina for years: we often practice side by side at the venerable Brooklyn Yoga School.  I noticed her pretty ear rings and fierce yoga practice, as I’ve noticed many of our other regular classmates, but never spoken a word as I am rather shy.

In exploring how to deepen my own meditation practice, it occurred to me that there were many teachers, literally right beside me, whom shyness has made seem impossibly distant.

How silly is that?

One day after class last month, I spoke to TIna for the first time and asked if she meditated.


Right then and there, she offered to share some details about her practice.  This video represents a small part of our on-going conversation.  You can listen to her amazing saxophone playing here.

Tina is the first in a series of mini interviews I’ll be posting to give some insight into the diversity and similarity of our meditation practices.

Many thanks to Brooklyn Yoga School, Margaret and Yaxuan, Lizzy, and most of all, to Tina!

Please let me know if you’d like to participate in the mini meditation interview project.

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