Funambulism is tightrope walking (from Latin ‘funis’ = rope + ‘ambulare’ = to walk). People have been doing it for a long time (though not for ‘eons’, because eon = 1 billion years & humans weren’t around that far back in geologic time).

Walking through glorious Prospect Park, I notice a passel of people gathered around some trees. At first it looked like they were witnessing a miracle, a woman walking on air. Then I saw the slim swaying strap, flat, about 2 inches wide. Apparently called ‘urban slacklining’ since the rope isn’t rigidly taut.

The difference in technique is that the walker, in slacklining, balances their body by continually moving the rope underneath their center of mass, so it’s more dynamic, with more movement. It takes tremendous concentration. There are also people who do yoga and meditation on a slackline.

The gang of slackliners was generous and welcomed me and my kids onto their slackline. It was hard, and fun. I needed someone to hold my hand while I got the hang of it.

Do you ever feel like you’re ‘walking a tightrope’ in life? Engaged in a perilous balancing act, where you have to be careful not to mess up, or disaster could befall you?

Cultivating concentration, whether through sitting in mindfulness or slacklining in the park, is an antidote to this anxiety.

I missed you and I’m happy to be back!

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    • These are AMAZING!! Thank you Janet for sharing this fabulous link — your GORGEOUS sculptures will be the subject of an upcoming post on the blog.

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