Everything, Ever, All At Once

Movement might be the right path into meditation for you. Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind, said Patañjali (who compiled the yoga sutras thousands of years ago).

Yoga to the People is a $5 totally excellent hot yoga studio, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it as it’s a very cheap thrill. And once you’ve sweat yourself out, you may find a little more spaciousness in your mind/heart.

Those three or 23 breaths you do in savasana (or corpse pose) at the end of class are meditation.

Our yoga teacher was very funny, and shared her thoughts on the challenges of meditation:

“When someone says to start meditating, my next thought is, ‘oh, you mean, I should think of everything, ever, all at once?'”

This made me laugh with recognition.

Yes.  Thoughts arise.  Thoughts pass away.

Happy Tuesday.

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