Cool Breeze, Tight Squeeze

This August is unusually cool and breezy, at least in NYC. It feels more like September, with just an occasional blast of heat. But maybe you’re reading this post from the Salton Sea or Jakarta or the Everglades, and long for a glacial retreat.  I hope this video of elves sledding as the sun sets on a winter’s eve offers you a welcome respite from the heat.

Synesthesia is a criss-crossing of sensory signals — for example, ‘smelling’ colors. Perhaps if you are feeling uncomfortably warm and a deep desire for a cool breeze, this video will give you the opportunity to see whether what you take in through your eyes affects what you feel in your skin.

Tuning in to your senses to enhance awareness is an old meditation technique.  We hone this skill in simple ways from the time we are children.

Did you ever play ‘criss-cross applesauce’ as a little kid?  It’s a gentle touch game and fun.

How it’s done:

-You say: criss-cross applesauce (as you trace an X on a person’s back with your finger)
-You say: spiders crawling up your back (as you creep your fingertips like spiders all around the person’s back)
-You say: cool breeze (then you softly blow air on the back of the person’s neck)
-You say: tight squeeze (give them a little hug)
-You say: now you’ve got the shivers! skim and lightly tap your fingers, barely touching, all around the person’s back.

One minute of awareness practice that reconnects mind and body.

Proto-meditation for kids.

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