Eye roll- the good kind!

I read a study on marital compatibility — apparently spouses who frequently roll their eyes about something their husband or wife has said or done are likelier to divorce.

Yikes! After reading the article, I became hyper-aware of rolling my eyes — in impatience, exasperation, basically in some sort of silent low-level protest.

Mindfulness, also called awareness practice, of which meditation is just one glorious part, can allow us to examine subconscious and semi-conscious ways we interact with one another.

You are invited to notice your eye rolling – or any other quiet gesture of protest your body makes today.

Now here is a little treat:

-sit comfortably
-somewhere quiet
-if you wear glasses, take them off
-close your eyes for a moment
-when you open your eyes, let your gaze rise up, without moving your head (ie. your head and body are still, the only movement is your eyeballs exploring the periphery of your field of vision)
-gently circle your eyes clockwise twice, and then counter-clockwise twice.

This is a lovely stretch for the tiny muscles and ligaments of your eyes.

The good kind of eye roll!

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