We are all works-in-progress.

Why this site?  I found myself looking both inward and outward to find better ways to cope with the challenges of being human.  No one is happy all the time, or in total harmony with friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones.

Micromeditation offers simple intuitive tools to stop the spiral towards chaos as we all work toward being kinder, more loving, and more useful in the world.

I’ve been practicing meditation for a long time — from a chance visit to a Zen temple in Tokyo (just after I’d begun college), through Vipassana retreats and study at the Insight Meditation Society, in Barre, Massachusetts and New York City.  These days our family practices meditation at the Vajradhara Center in Brooklyn.

I’m also the co-founder of Parent Earth, a new media company and website, dedicated to making it easier for all families to eat more healthily and sustainably, and last year was Producer and Correspondent for the PBS news program “Need to Know” for an episode on childhood obesity treatment and prevention in the Bronx.

I hope you’ll share your experiences with meditation, as I’d love to learn what’s working for others and try it myself and share it with others via this blog.

Warmly, Sarah


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